The Big Picture

It strikes us that agencies currently have a multitude of problems that could be solved by what management consultancies have traditionally called structured thinking.

In short structured thinking is looking at a problem critically and using the scientific method to come up with creative solutions.

In fact management consultancies are one of the frustrating problems that agencies will face more often today as competitors.  As there is a trend for the larger Consultancies to buy creative agencies.

Their thinking is to offer a complete end to end solution for businesses, price, place, product and promotion.

How will agencies compete with that? Well, one way it to understand how they go about solving business issues. To be able to look at the bigger picture as they do and offer a wider solution than just marketing and advertising. Agencies need to become consultancies in their own right.

Another issue that agencies seem to suffer from is zeitgeist thinking, jumping on band-wagons of neuroscience, modern psychology and brand babble. Being over zealous with counter-intuitive thinking from behaviour economics for example. Often because they only deal with a part of the business problem i.e. promotion, where as a consultancy will also look at all the Ps.

We believe the biggest advantage of learning structured thinking is the creative solutions it leads to. Picking apart a problem using the scientific method, forming hypothesis that can be tested and helping teams of planners and creatives work together harmoniously on the brief, because this way can both see logically how each others thinking is structured and lessening confrontations.

Finally differentiating an agency can be tough. However, using structured thinking, to show insights in your structured presentation will show a bigger picture solution that will portray your agency as streets apart from its competitors.