Most of the MD’s that we meet recognise that the majority of their business wins come from referrals from current clients.

Yet they spend a lot of time and resource plugging away at the cold channel be it DM, telemarketing, ad words or networking. To some this eventually feels like running around like a blue arsed flies. The cost of winning new business can get out of control see here.

Often they’d prefer more referrals but either they are concerned about asking (it doesn’t seem right, does it?) or are unsure on how to go about it full stop.

It seems simple enough to ask for a referral doesn’t it? But how do you do it without seeming desperate or even choking when it comes down to it and how do you get the whole team in on the act., training that’s how.

All (yes all) of our clients have benefited from our workshops with their teams on how to get referrals in a non-pressurised way.

They don’t have to get as many leads as they did from the cold channel. As solid referrals close quicker and tend to avoid lengthy price negotiations. How many potential clients do your current clients know that you could help? Imagine if each knew 3? What would that do for your business?