Who we help

Structured thinking helps everyone in an agency who present solutons, recent graduates, the Creative Teams, The Planning Team, The New Business Team all the way up to the CEO.

Structured thinking helps agencies win more pitches and retain clients for longer because they are able to communicate more effectively be it internally – between Planners, Creatives, and Account Teams and externally – to the prospect or client how they are solving the brand’s problem.

Learning structured thinking helps the creative process, it’s complimentory, it does not substitute it. It means you’ll be writing tighter briefs more efficently. And have more time to work on the creative solution.

Your presentations /pitches will end up tight, contain useful insights that are actionable, follow a story telling logic and no longer be waffly, bloated and look like your competitors.


The course is conducted as classroom training.

The classroom course lasts 2 days, and works well with between 4 and 20 participants.